FAIRManager Activation

Please note: This page will only activate 1.5 and lower licenses.

To get your Activation Key please enter your Activation Input String, click the submit button and wait for a return.


Evaluation Period

When the AIR Enterprise Dashboard is first installed you are given an evaluation period of 10 days. When the evaluation period has expired the application will be disabled and you will then need to enter a valid license – once the license key has been installed you then have 10 days in which to activate the license.

Installing a License Key

You must purchase a license to use the AIR Enterprise Dashboard. You can purchase a license here

Once you have purchased a license you will receive an email which contains the license key string, you can install the license by selecting the “License Information” tab from the login dialogue:

License Information

This tab shows the applications current license status.

To install a license, copy your license string into the text input box and press the “Install License” button.

Note a license can be installed at any time during the evaluation period.

Activation Period

Once you have uploaded a license key you have 10 days to activate the license. You are recommended to activate your license immediately after upload. If you do not activate your license within 10 days the application will be disabled and you will be unable to use the AIR Enterprise Dashboard until activation takes place.

After the activation period has expired you may install a different license, but the activation period will not be reset and you will be required to activate the license immediately to access the application.

License Activation

There are two methods in which you can activate your license: Automatic Activation or Manual Activation.

License Information

Automatic License Activation

If you have an internet connection simply click the “Activate License” button and your license will then be activated.

Manual License Activation

If the machine where the version of the AIR Enterprise Dashboard is installed is NOT connected to the internet, then you have to perform a manual activation.You will still need a connection to the internet in order to perform this activation. Follow the following link to perform a manual activation:


License Information

This link will take you to this activation page where you can copy and submit the provided Activation Input String and will be returned an Activation Key that you can use to activation your license. Simply copy this activation key into the text input in the Manual activation dialogue and click the “Activate License”button to activate your license.

Once your license has been activated the license and activation process is complete, and you can start using the application.

License Information

Note you can install a different license at any time both during and after the license and activation process but the activation period will not be reset.

License Policy

Each physical box (client or server) where you would like to use the AIR Enterprise Dashboard requires one FusionReactor AIR Enterprise Dashboard license. For a breakdown of the latest prices, please refer to the buy page.