Please note: This page will only activate FR4.5 and lower licenses.

To get your Activation Key please enter your Activation Input String, click the submit button and wait for a return.

License Activation Information

Uploading your License File

To upload a license file (license.lic), go to the About page and you will see a form with a file upload button. Click the “Browse…” button and locate the license file. Once entered, click the “Upload New License File” button to upload to FusionReactor.

After submitting the page you need to login again. You will see your new license details on the right hand of the screen.

Problems with uploading?

Try renaming your license file to “license.lic” and manually upload it from FusionReactor\license directory. If you still experience any difficulties please contact our support team.

Activation Period

Once you have uploaded a license key you have 10 days to activate the license. You are recommended to activate your license immediately after upload. If you do not activate your license within 10 days you will be unable to use FusionReactor and the Enterprise Dashboard will show an [ACT] warning light on the server until you activate the license.

To activate the license after the 10 days activation period has expired you must login as the Administrator and then follow the license activation instructions on the screen.

License Activation – Automatic

To complete your license install you must click on the link which says “Click on this link to activate the current license” and FusionReactor will attempt to activate your license automatically.

License Activation – Manual

If you do not have a direct internet connection on the computer you would like to install FusionReactor on, you will have to manually activate your license. Please follow the instructions below to manually activate your license.

Note: If you use the previous FusionReactor version 3.0.0 please read: FusionReactor Technote – FRS-198. It comes as a ZIP file containing a new version of the FusionReactor Java library (fusionreactor.jar) together with instructions how to apply the fix.the following contact us for a hotfix to complete your manual activation. However, we recommend to upgrade to a newer version, which does not require this hotfix.

  1. Download FusionReactor on a computer with internet access and copy it to your computer without internet access to install.
  2. FusionReactor will recognize you are not connected to the internet and the screen below will appear.
  3. Enter the “Activation Input String” that appears on your manual activation screen in the activiation field at the top of this page.
  4. Copy the newly generated activation key and enter the key in the field titled “Activiation Key”.
  5. Click Activate License to activate your license.

Activating Multi-Key License Files

A single license file may contain multiple license keys, one for each license you purchased. The same license key file should be uploaded and activated on each server you have purchased a license for. Each time you activate the license file the license activation count will increased, until the total number of licenses that the key file contains has been activated. If FusionReactor reports that you have “no Activations remaining” on this Multi-Key file and you believe this to be an error, please contact our support team.

License Activation – moving a license to a new server (Re-activation)

If you have to your FusionReactor license key to a new server you will need to re-activate it. In order to do this you must contact our sales team and include your FusionReactor serial number in your request and details of why you need your license reset. Contact Us.

License Policy

Each physical box (server) requires one FusionReactor license – all of the instances which are installed on that server are covered by the one FusionReactor license. Note, that on a single box you may have multiple instances (e.g. of ColdFusion, Tomcat, JBoss) installed on it, but you still only need 1 license for that physical box. If you use Virtual Machines (VM’s) then these are also classed as separate physical servers and therefore require 1 license per VM. For a breakdown of the latest prices, please refer to the buy page.