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IntelliJ Memory Leak Detection

IntelliJ Memory Leak Detection IntelliJ is a pioneer development kit and one among JetBrains extended lineage of integrated development environments (IDE). This trailblazer IDE formerly shared the same name with the parent company – IntelliJ Software Company. To illustrate further the superiority of the IntelliJ IDE, it powers and supports over a dozen programming languages […]

Spring Boot Performance Monitoring

Spring Boot Performance Monitoring. Modern applications are highly distributed in nature, and thus they are often bundled with various dependencies like Database, caching, and much more. Monitoring becomes essential due to the complexity of the implementation scheme that comes within such advanced software. The Spring Boot Performance Monitor is a library kit that comes preinstalled […]

Eclipse Performance Monitor

Introducing the Eclipse Performance Monitor Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a multi-lingual development setting for almost any programming language you could think of – Java, C, C++, Clojure, Groovy, Haskell, JavaScript, Julia, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Rust, and much more. Nonetheless, eclipse is famous for being a dedicated Java IDE Listed as one amongst the […]

Debugging plugin performance in CFWheels 2.x with FusionReactor

Originally posted March 5th, 2020 by Tom King – reproduced by kind permission Debugging plugin performance in CFWheels – the issue Shortly after the release of CFWheels 2.0, we started to get reports of slower running requests under certain conditions. For instance, a page which might have had 1000 calls to `linkTo()` could take anything […]

Continuous Profiling

Fig 1. Continuous Profiler alerting configeration Software development in production is everything because when code fails in production, it fails in reality. Having an excellent debugging tool that debugs and profiles code efficiently is critical, and it does help you quite a lot if you want to enhance your code performance and scalability. In a […]

FusionReactor Database Monitoring software

FusionReactor database monitoring software enables the monitoring and tracking of a database’s performance. This allows users to identify and solve any potential performance issues as well as track changes in the database’s function. FusionReactor analyzes and captures all the data related to your SQL statements so you can focus on improving performance and reducing bottlenecks. […]