Announcing FusionReactor 7 – tons more metrics and features = tons more insight & faster issue identification

Monitoring Kafka Consumer Applications
[FRS-429] FusionReactor 7 Third Party License Agreements and Additional Notices

FR7 represents a massive step forward for FusionReactor, includes 20 completely new core features and around 100 major improvements and bug fixes. Our primary goals for this release have been to enhance the array of system, application and JVM metrics available, as well as build upon and extend the core functionality within FR Ultimate Edition.

Our mission is to provide developers, DevOps and I.T. professionals unparalleled depth of insight, transparency and interpretation into what applications are doing at the point where things are going wrong! Why? So, that they can isolate issues and performance problems faster than with any other tool.

FR7 has significantly increased the array of supported metrics available. Ranging from complete JMX MBean metrics, to enhanced framework (ColdFusion and Java) support to NoSQL data stores and current streaming platforms, such as Apache Kafka™.

FusionReactor JMX MBean Metrics

The other major focus of this release has been to enhance FR Ultimate Edition – which adds a completely new definition to the meaning of application monitoring. FR Ultimate combines the most useful components and features from the most used error detection and performance analysis tools available to developers: the code debugger, application profiler and with the launch of FR7, the memory profiler. These tools can all be used safely, securely and most importantly with MINIMAL OVERHEAD in your production environment.

FusionReactor Memory / Heap Profiler

The complexity of today’s distributed, service based, containerized, ephemeral environments, combined with unprecedented quantities of data means that re-producing production issues is virtually impossible. The error detection features built into FR Ultimate completely change how issues would be investigated, removing the need to try and reproduce defects in a test environment or scouring through log files in the hope of finding a clue. FR Ultimate enables you to interact with issues as they unfold, directly in production. It is the only product on the market which offers such capabilities.

The whole team is extremely proud of FusionReactor 7 and we hope that you enjoy using it and that it continues to be your #1 tool to monitor, detect issues and protect your applications and servers.

David Tattersall

CEO Intergral – makers of FusionReactor