FusionReactor ColdFusion line performance

FusionReactor Lucee and Railo line performance
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This technote is going to guide you through the use and configuration of the FusionReactor ColdFusion line performance plugin. The FusionReactor ColdFusion Plugin is able to profile the execution of ColdFusion CFML code at line level. The data gathered can be used to identify performance issues deep inside ColdFusion pages and components that can be an invaluable tool for finding problems within your applications. Additionally, the plugin also gathers information about the CFML code coverage which can be valuable when testing applications.

If you are using Lucee or Railo application server and FusionReactor 6.2.0 or above, then you should be able to use the FusionReactor Lucee Plugin or FusionReactor Railo Plugin. More information about the plugins, check out the link below.

Getting Started

If you are using FusionReactor 6.0.4 or above and a ColdFusion 8 or above server, you will be able to use the FusionReactor ColdFusion Plugin.

Please be aware that this feature uses line number information generated by the ColdFusion application server that is known to be inaccurate in some cases and beyond our control. For this reason we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the information. Also note that the performance of the ColdFusion application server may be HEAVILY impacted while tracking line performance profile data.

In order to view any of the profiled data, you will require the “CF Line Performance Explorer” application. This can be downloaded from the link below.

When the tool has been downloaded, you will need to unzip the folder and copy the contents into your ColdFusion /wwwroot directory. Going to the following address, http://localhost:8500/cfperformanceexplorer-master/ you will see the following when you attempt to view a files metric data.

In order to enable the line tracking for your CFML files, please follow the steps outlined below;

  1. Access your FusionReactor Instance.
  2. Navigate to FusionReactor > Plugins > Active Plugins.
  3. Locate the FusionReactor ColdFusion Plugin and then press the Configuration button.
  4. Change the value of the “Track CFML Line Execution Times” field to “Enabled” and Save the changes.

This configuration is going to take immediate effect and any CFML code that is run and is going to be profiled. In order to see the results, please return to the CF Line Performance Explorer application to view the profile data for any classes that have been run since enabling of the plugin. See screenshot below.

Please note that though the data gained from the profiled classes may be invaluable the profiler can have a performance impact on your server. It is recommended to only use the profiler when required and to take precautions when using it in a production environment.

More Information

For more information you can view the following documentation.

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