FusionAnalytics End Of Life (EOL)

Since 2011, FusionAnalytics (FA) has been delivering incredible insight into the metrics provided by FusionReactor. FusionAnalytics is built using a variety of technologies from Adobe Inc. – the main technology being Adobe Flash. Adobe announced that they will end-of-life Flash at the end of 2020, specifically, Adobe will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player […]

Cloud Application Monitoring for Remote Workers

Desperate Times call for Sensible Measures Cloud Application Monitoring for Remote Workers With the onset of the Covid-19 virus spreading through the planet at a phenomenal rate, businesses have been forced to respond with an unprecedented new business model. For many, it’s not possible remain operational, however, for the online business community; help is at […]

Database Monitoring

Fig 1. FusionReactor: Database Monitoring Tool. Databases embody the most crucial aspects of many business processes. Due to technological advancements, applications and IT infrastructures are becoming far more diverse. But with this development comes such application performance related issues as troubleshooting and problem rectification. Hence, introducing the quality of the services that end-users demand from […]

Continuous Profiling

Fig 1. Continuous Profiler alerting configeration Software development in production is everything because when code fails in production, it fails in reality. Having an excellent debugging tool that debugs and profiles code efficiently is critical, and it does help you quite a lot if you want to enhance your code performance and scalability. In a […]

FusionReactor Database Monitoring software

FusionReactor database monitoring software enables the monitoring and tracking of a database’s performance. This allows users to identify and solve any potential performance issues as well as track changes in the database’s function. FusionReactor analyzes and captures all the data related to your SQL statements so you can focus on improving performance and reducing bottlenecks. […]

Dynamically Instrumenting ColdFusion Component Methods With FusionReactor Tracked Transactions In Lucee CFML

Originally posted By Ben Nadel on February 13, 2020 reproduced by kind permission. One of the really fun features of ColdFusion is its highly dynamic nature. Whether you’re using onMissingMethod() or using getFunctionCalledName() or injecting methods, you can basically make your ColdFusion code do anything that you want it to. In celebration of this flexibility, I wanted to have some fun with my FusionReactor helper component, […]