Application Performance Monitor APM

Get deep visibility of how users experience your application & fix issues fast

Deliver Better Software Faster

Spend less time fixing issues and finding bottlenecks. FusionReactor APM delivers you the telemetry to diagnose issues within your app or server. Transaction metrics help you to find performance issues or errors at the code level, resource metrics enable you to troubleshoot and tune the Java environment for issues,  memory leaks, or starvation and system metrics will help you to quickly find external factors slowing down applications such as network or disk limits.

See The Health of Your Application

Track down memory usage of the JVM and track down which transactions are consuming the most time.

The Enterprise Dashboard lets you track the state of installations across all of your servers. FusionReactor APM supports ephemeral instances, making it perfect for dynamic scaling and virtualized servers such as Docker or Kubernetes.  You can add FusionReactor instances hosted in the cloud, in docker, or any other environment automatically when they start. When your instances connect a tunnel is established between the dashboard and the instance, meaning you can access the user interface of the FusionReactor instance without needing to configure access rules.

See The Detail of Your Server-Transactions

Get a detailed view of your server activity, see what is running, and get insight into what needs to be optimized or fixed.

Understand what causes issues within your app or server

FusionReactor APM combines metrics, profiles, logs and code to enable you to quickly understand and diagnose issues on your application or your server.

With FusionReactor you have the ability to create profiles and graphs based on any of the metrics sent by FusionReactor APM, allowing you to create custom views and data to highlight potential issues and areas for improvement.

See How to Analyze Real-Time and Historical Data

With FusionReactor you can diagnose both live and historic issues with our powerful metrics engine, find out more