Monthly Archives: March 2020

5 things you should check every day to ensure your application health

Short application health checklist to ensure you’re getting the most out of FusionReactor Configure your notification email address The notification email address is where FusionReactor will send the daily, weekly and monthly reports to and is also the email used to send crash protection notifications. If you have not done this already, it’s very important […]

Debugging plugin performance in CFWheels 2.x with FusionReactor

Originally posted March 5th, 2020 by Tom King – reproduced by kind permission Debugging plugin performance in CFWheels – the issue Shortly after the release of CFWheels 2.0, we started to get reports of slower running requests under certain conditions. For instance, a page which might have had 1000 calls to `linkTo()` could take anything […]

Database Monitoring

Fig 1. FusionReactor: Database Monitoring Tool. Databases embody the most crucial aspects of many business processes. Due to technological advancements, applications and IT infrastructures are becoming far more diverse. But with this development comes such application performance related issues as troubleshooting and problem rectification. Hence, introducing the quality of the services that end-users demand from […]