Sumo Logic Vs FusionReactor

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If you are considering implementing an Application Performance Monitor (APM) and comparing FusionReactor with Sumo Logic, then looking at the reviews on is a great place to start. Reviews on are written by genuine users and are verified as actual customers before accepts the review.

The data on this post has been provided by (October 2022) and is taken from feedback from FusionReactor and Sumo Logic customers about the APMs they reviewed.

Sumo Logic Vs FusionReactor ROI

Sumo Logic vs FusionReactor
Sumo Logic vs FusionReactor - ROI

FusionReactor delivers faster ROI

When an APM is implemented, the Mean Time to Repair MTTR is significantly reduced. With any new software, there is often a steep learning curve, but 69% of FusionReactor customers see a Return On Investment (ROI) within six months. Compared to only 41% of Sumo Logic customers seeing a return within the same timeframe, this is a significant difference.

Sumo Logic vs FusionReactor service ratings

APM users need to know that there is help available in case things get tricky. FusionReactor has a quality support score of 96%, compared to Sumo Logics 87%.

Being a developer is hard enough, so it’s great when your APM is easy to use. FusionReactor scores 88% compared with Sumo Logic’s 82%

Software must meet the user’s requirements to achieve time to value as quickly as possible. FusionReactor scores 95% compared to Sumo Logics 91%.

Sumo Logic vs FusionReactor
Sumo Logic Vs FusionReactor - Service

FusionReactor Vs Sumo Logic Average Go Live Time

Sumo Logic vs FusionReactor
Sumo Logic Vs FusionReactor - go live time

53% of FusionReactor users go live in less than one day

Sumo Logic Vs FusionReactor likelihood to recommend

Sumo Logic vs FusionReactor
Sumo Logic vs FusionReactor

95% of FusionReactor customers said that they would recommend the FusionReactor APM

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