FusionReactor 8.4.0 is now available.

FusionReactor 8.4.0 was released on the 16th June. This include a new Memory Overview dashboard, improved line performance tracking for CommandBox and TestBox, improvements to the Enterprise Dashboard, improved support for decompiling classes from newer Java versions and better tracking of JSON for HTTPClients.

Application Performance Monitoring

FusionReactor is the only APM (Application Performance Monitor) which includes high-level instrumentation combined with low-level profiling and debugging and can be used right across the whole Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). FusionReactor gives developers and DevOps the level of depth and insight to instantly identify Java application issues.
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    On Prem or Cloud – you decide

    Cloud offers you extended data retention, tracing, configurable metric graphs and powerful alerting

    FusionReactor is a Hybrid monitor, it always comes as On-Premise, but we also offer a Cloud interface. If you have an FR Cloud account, then metric and alerts will be sent to the cloud as well as locally. FusionReactor Cloud does NOT replace FusionReactor On-Premise – it extends the feature set.

    FR Cloud offers some cool additional features and capability, such as extended data retention, tracing, configurable metric graphs and powerful alerting. Start your free 14 day Cloud trial

    Everything you would expect from an APM…

    See all high-level features

    and many things you would not

    See all low-level features

    • Transaction monitoring
      • Transactions for web requests, JDBC, kafka, HTTP, JSON
    • Application metrics
      • JMX, Garbage Collection, JVM resources, real time and aggregated
    • Database monitoring – JDBC requests 
      • Slowest requests, numbers of requests and any errors
    • End user monitoring
      • Sessions, DB time, request time  
    • System monitoring for your instance and your system 
      • CPU, heap and non-heap, garbage collection information, thread state 
    • Enterprise dashboard
      • REAL-TIME picture of the health and status of what’s happening with all your monitored server
    • Automated root cause analysis – automated delivery of code, scope variables and stack when an issue arises 
    • Production safe debugging with a user friendly IDE style debugger 
    • Advanced profiling
      • Code profiler insight into code performance issues 
      • The memory profiler enables you to isolate memory leaks and excessive object creation 
      • The thread profiler will detect thread contention, deadlocks and show thread state 
      • The CPU profiler analyses the CPU usage per running thread and will enable you to find performance bottlenecks

    FusionReactor – cut issue isolation to minutes

    FusionReactor will cut issue isolation time down from days to minutes, and is the only Java Application Performance Monitoring Solution for Development, Test and Production.