Enterprise Fusion Reactor Dashboard – Get the BIG Picture

Enterprise Fusion Reactor Dashboard gives you a complete REAL-TIME picture of the health and status of what’s happening with all your monitored servers

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java server monitor: fusionreactor enterprise dashboard

The Enterprise Fusion Reactor Dashboard lets you track the state of installations on one or more servers. When you install an Enterprise version of FusionReactor it can be queried for its current state. The Enterprise Dashboard lets you instantly monitor the health of ALL of your server instances/machines from a single window.

Flexible Alerting

Located on the Enterprise Fusion Reactor Dashboard and the Mobile / AIR Client, FusionReactor has indicators, which will highlight warning and critical status levels for many of the server metrics being monitored. You can set your own threshold levels and once entered, the machines will now visually attract your attention when something is wrong.

When FusionReactor detects a problem on a monitored server it will light up one or more “Warning Lights” on the server cube. You can mouse over a warning light to see a tool tip explaining the problem in more detail.

server monitoring: tomcat

Server Status

The server icon shows four bars. These bars each have a letter above them (M,C,R,D) to indicate what is being displayed. These bars are:

  • (M) Memory : represents the amount of memory currently being used by this server.
  • (C) CPU : represents the amount of CPU time used by this instance since the last CPU value was measured. It is expressed as a percentage of the total CPU time (across all CPU cores) that was available during that period.
  • (R) Request Time : represents the average request time on this server over the last 60 seconds.
  • (D) DataBase Time : represents the average time spent on DB operations in the last 60 seconds.