Get to the root of your issue with our advanced APM for Java Apps

FusionReactor has everything you need to keep your Java application running smoothly and efficiently

  • We deliver total insight into how code executes and performs
  • FusionReactor is safe to use in all development, staging and production environments
  • We provide high-level insights into what is happening within your application and on your server 
  • You can drill much deeper into the data and quickly find components which are failing or performing poorly
FusionReactor Event Snapshot - Automated Root Cause Analysis
Event Snapshots – Automated Root Cause Analysis

Everything you would expect from an APM

  • Transaction monitoring
    • Transactions for web requests, JDBC, kafka, HTTP, JSON
  • Application metrics
    • JMX, Garbage Collection, JVM resources, real time and aggregated
  • Database monitoring
    • JDBC requests Slowest requests, numbers of requests and any errors
  • End user monitoring
    • Sessions, DB time, request time  
  • System monitoring for your instance and your system CPU
    • heap and non-heap, garbage collection information, thread state 
  • Enterprise dashboard
    • REAL-TIME picture of the health and status of what’s happening with all your monitored server

And many things you would not

  • Automated root cause analysis
    • Automated delivery of code, scope variables and stack when an issue arises 
  • Production safe debugging with a user friendly IDE style debugger 
  • Advanced profiling
    • Code profiler insight into code performance issues 
    • The memory profiler enables you to isolate memory leaks and excessive object creation 
    • The thread profiler will detect thread contention, deadlocks and show thread state 
    • The CPU profiler analyses the CPU usage per running thread and will enable you to find performance bottlenecks

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2. Download FusionReactor software

Step 1: Download FusionReactor (8.4.0 - 16th June 2020)

Download the installer for your server platform from the table below:

Mac OS (OSX)

FusionReactor MD5's

Step 1: Download the FusionReactor JAR (8.4.0 - 16th June 2020)

FusionReactor Single JARFR Single JAR


Step 2: Download the Required Debug Libraries

If you're using FR6 Ultimate you are required to download the debug libraries for the production debugger tool. If you're on Standard or Enterprise you can skip this step!

Debug Libraries (Required for Ultimate)Debug Libs

FusionReactor MD5's

3. Start monitoring


FusionReactor Single JAR Installation

Performing a manual FusionReactor installation is really quick and takes no longer than a few minutes. Check out how to do it below:

Performing a manual installation? See the Manual Installation Guide

More details on the different Installation Methods