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Asynchronous Transactions

FusionReactor is able to track asynchronous requests made with several different libraries, examples of which include: Redisson MongoDB Kafka Java Clients OkHttp Apache HttpClient How FusionReactor Displays this Information The response to the asynchronous request is tracked with ‘Callback’ as the subflavour. This is attached as a linked transaction (indicated by the small linked chain […]

Microservice support in FusionReactor 8.2.0

In FusionReactor 8.2.0 we have added support for the Java application Frameworks okHTML, Spring Boot and Micronaut.  This brings the list of supported Java application frameworks to; Spring framework, Spring Boot, okHTML, Micronaut, Struts 2, Play, Vaadin, JSF, Vertx, Grizzly and Jersey. In this blog, we look at why Microservices are beneficial to organizations, things […]

FusionReactor – Adobe ColdFusion Hot Sale

This summer, we are pleased to offer some special discounted pricing on the Adobe ColdFusion suite! If you purchase before the end of August 2019, you will receive 10% discount on the following Adobe ColdFusion 2018 products – see conditions below. Contact Sales ColdFusion® 2018 Enterprise Edition – AOO 8 Core Part# – US: 65293676JA […]

Configuring Alerting in FusionReactor Cloud

In this post Matthew Clemente discusses FusionReactor for Docker Swarm (Part 2, Alerting). This article originally appeared on his blog Configuring Alerting in FusionReactor Cloud (Hybrid) Previously I blogged, in earlier posts, about installing and deploying FusionReactor Cloud to monitor CFML applications on Docker Swarm. The next step is to to configure its updated alerting system […]

FusionReactor for Docker Swarm

In this post Matthew Clemente discusses FusionReactor for Docker Swarm. This article originally appeared on his blog FusionReactor for Docker Swarm (Part 1, Installation)   Moving a standard ColdFusion installation to Docker Swarm requires rethinking – and frequently rewiring – portions of our infrastructure. Today, that means reconfiguring how we deploy FusionReactor to monitor our […]

FusionReactor Showcase Production Debugging

Intergral showcases the first Java APM solution designed for use across the whole Software Development Lifecycle, at O’Reilly Velocity conference – London, 2018 FusionReactor goes beyond traditional Java monitoring capabilities by adding low-level profiling and debugging, giving developers and DevOps the insight needed to identify performance issues and production problems in the shortest possible time. […]