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FusionReactor ColdFusion line performance

Introduction This technote is going to guide you through the use and configuration of the FusionReactor ColdFusion line performance plugin. The FusionReactor ColdFusion Plugin is able to profile the execution of ColdFusion CFML code at line level. The data gathered can be used to identify performance issues deep inside ColdFusion pages and components that can […]

[FNS-16] Resetting the password for the FADC and FADS admin login

Resetting the password for the FADC and FADS admin login

During the Setup you are asked to provide a password for the admin user used by FADC and FADS. If you can’t remember the password you have entered in this step you can follow the procedure described below to set a new password. This requires access to the file system of the computer where FusionAnalytics Server is installed.

Resetting Passwords
To reset the password used for the admin user first stop the Fusion…
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[FR-2832] How to add a FusionReactor Plugin to your FusionReactor installation


This article provides a set of instructions for adding FusionReactor plugins to existing FusionReactor instances and to the FusionReactor installation so that instances created in the future contain the plugin. This article provides a use case scenario, that scenario is how to add the Notification Generator plugin.

Adding a plugin to a FusionReactor instance

As mentioned in the Description this article provides a use case scenario.

1) Obtain the plugin from the F…
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[FNS-40] Migrating FusionAnalytics to a new server

The following document describes the step required to migrate a FusionAnalytics Server to a new computer.

To copy the FusionAnalytics database to another database server you need to backup the database and then restore it on the new computer. On the new database server you must ensure that the login and password used by FusionAnalytics are available. See for more information.

After having restored the database make sure that the…
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[FNS-39] FusionAnalytics on a client with BitDefender Anti-Virus


Sometimes the FusionAnalytics client (either AIR or web) will get stuck after login showing a “Connecting…” message. Checking the FusionAnalytics server FusionAnalyticsServerlogsfusionanalytics-dataservices.log file does not show any errors but instead shows a success message:

2014-03-14T11:25:21.540+0000 [http-8400-1] INFO [com.intergral.fads.impl.blaze.BlazeControllerImpl] admin has logged in successfully


So far, workstations where this has bee…
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FusionReactor v5 Java Server Monitor – A feature tour

A 20 minute feature tour of FusionReactor v5 visiting: Enterprise Dashboard Web Metrics Real-Time Running Request List Request History Request Details CPU Thread Time TCP/IP Stream Metrics HTTP Headers JDBC Transactions HTTPClient/WebService Transactions Longest Requests (since server started) Slowest Requests (recent pages longer than threshold) HTTP 500 Server Error Details User Experience Monitoring (UEM) (e.g. […]

[FNS-33] Security Settings for FusionAnalytics E-Mail Reports

When viewing FusionAnalytics reports which have been delivered via email, you may see a request to log in to your FusionAnalytics Data Services server.

This happens because the images which comprise part of the reports are served directly from the FADS system itself.

If you are seeing a request to log in, you have not obtained a cookie for the FADS server on the address from where images are being served.

There are three solutions to this problem.

Log in.

When the login dial…
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[FNS-37] Removing the requirement for SQL sysadmin permission on FA 2.0.1 and earlier

The Data Volume Management job in FADC goes through the process of updating indices and stats.
In previous versions of FusionAnalytics (2.0.1 and earlier), a command called sp_updatestats was used to do this.
However, this command requires the database user to have the sysadmin server role enabled.

You may feel that it is too much of a risk to enable the sysadmin role. If so, you can download an alternate Data Volume Management script, which uses a different command …
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[FNS-32] Cleanup obsolete request data from database

Cleanup obsolete request data from database

Due to a bug in the Data Volume Management job shipped with FusionAnalytics 1.0.4, parts of the request data in tables REQUEST_AMF and REQUEST_PARAM are not deleted from the database.
To cleanup your database and remove the obsolete data you can download this script and run it on your FusionAnalytics database server.

Before Starting Please Note

You will require full access to your FusionAnalytics Database Server and all …
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[FNS-34] FusionAnalytics 2.0 Documentation (PDF)

This technote provides access to the FusionAnalytics 2.0 Documentation as a single PDF to download and read offline. Please note that the PDF is generated periodically and may not reflect the latest changes to the online documentation.

Issue Details


Issue Number:




17/01/2013 1…
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