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Announcing FusionReactor 7 – tons more metrics and features = tons more insight & faster issue identification

FR7 represents a massive step forward for FusionReactor, includes 20 completely new core features and around 100 major improvements and bug fixes. Our primary goals for this release have been to enhance the array of system, application and JVM metrics available, as well as build upon and extend the core functionality within FR Ultimate Edition. […]

FusionReactor Developer Edition – Ultimate features and insight

Our “typical” FusionReactor customer is generally a techie, usually a software programmer who is either developing on, or is responsible for an application.  About 25% of the time, our customers come from IT management, operations or DevOps positions.    What we hear time and time again, is how useful FusionReactor is at pinpointing issues, whether it […]

Using Production Debugger to set a conditional break point in a ColdFusion loop

This example will show how to set a conditional break point in a ColdFusion loop using the FusionReactor Production Debugger. Code Example – pdloop.cfm pdloop.cfm 1 2 3 4 <cfset aArray = [“January”,”February”,”March”,”April”,”May”,”June”,”July”,”August”,”September”,”October”,”November”,”December”]> <cfloop from=”1″ to=”#arrayLen(aArray)#” index=”i”>   <cfoutput>#i#: #aArray[i]#<br></cfoutput> </cfloop> Setting a conditional breakpoint In this example, we are going to set a breakpoint when […]

Announcing FusionReactor 6.2

We’re happy to announce the latest release of FusionReactor – 6.2.   This release contains around a dozen cool new features and improvements.   You can see a list of all the new stuff on the Release Notes page or simply just go and download it here. One of the most interesting new features is the Applications […]

FusionReactor 6 sneak peek – Re-writing the definition of what Application Performance Monitoring is all about!

APM tools have emerged as a category to help businesses address issues when applications break or systems are slow. Unfortunately, even though many of those tools measure metrics and provide some insight into what’s going on, they don’t do anything to minimize downtime and really accelerate time to fix. To be honest, traditional APM tools […]