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What’s new in 8.2

FusionReactor 8.2 has now been released; this release has been modelled around user feedback. what is LDAP? Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a client/server protocol used to access and manage directory information. It reads and edits directories over IP networks and runs directly over TCP/IP using simple string formats for data transfer. It was […]

FR Sponsor key CF events

Event season is nearly here and this year we are sponsoring ColdFusion events both in Europe and across the pond. We are Platinum Sponsor of CF Summit in Las Vegas  1st and 2nd October then the Silver sponsor of CF Camp 17th and 18th October; in Munich.  Moving to November we are Innovator Sponsor at Velocity in […]

FusionReactor: Go beyond Monitoring

What do you like best? At its core FusionReactor is just like any other performance monitoring tool with its’ Measuring transaction of Memory and CPU Usage, alerting you for performance issues. But It goes beyond with the help of FusionReactor built-in debugger and profiler it looks for where and why problems are occurring. Especially for […]

25% off Velocity Berlin Tickets

FusionReactor is an Innovator sponsor at this years Velocity conference in Berlin this November. As a sponsor this means that we can offer you 25% Discount on tickets. Simply use the voucher code FusionReactor25 at registration and you can save on Bronze, Silver and Gold passes; which means that you can save up to €250! […]

Fusion-Reactor is a must-have for Java and ColdFusion admins

“Fusion-Reactor is a must-have for Java and ColdFusion admins“ What do you like best? The ability to quickly troubleshoot problems with an instance’s heap, cpu, web requests and so much more. The dashboard provides so much information in real-time. What do you dislike? I haven’t found anything to dislike about this product. What problems are […]

Very solid product, indispensable during debugging

Very solid product, indispensable during debugging What do you like best? This product has saved so much time and effort. It is solid and seems to have little or no impact on the running of our applications. The interface is clean and easy to use, and there are many monitoring options that cover everything we […]