Crash Protection – it’s all about RESILIENCE !

Server/App issues…? Crash Protection alerts you and tries to keep your server responding !

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Crash Protection (CP) keeps your servers safe from performance disasters by:

  • Proactively monitoring and controlling the total number of requests hitting your system
  • Tracking excessively long running requests
  • Limiting or restricting requests when the server is low on memory

FusionReactor automatically notifies you, both visually and/or via email, when a crash protection event is triggered, and what action (if necessary) was taken to protect your server. Other relevant information captured at the time of the event may also be included, allowing for a detailed post-event analysis, and aiding corrective intervention.

What is a Survival Strategy and Self-healing?

Part of the Crash Protection capability is our unique Survival Strategy. This strategy outlines how FusionReactor will respond during a triggered CP event. FusionReactor can be configured to immediately alert you to the problem, kill problem requests, and queue new requests until it detects that server performance has stabilized.