A new way to debug Java applications in production

No code changes, no hassle and it’s optimized to run on large scale production systems

production debugger

Debug Info Alert email

In order to identify the root cause of an issue, you generally need just 2 things:

  1. The call stack at the point where the error occurred
  2. The variable values at that point.

FusionReactor’s Debug Alert email provides both of these details, plus a lot more information. It’s simple to setup and gives you instant insight into what’s happening on your production application.

1. Download the software

Step 1: Download FusionReactor (8.3.2 - 17th February 2020)

Download the installer for your server platform from the table below:

Mac OS (OSX)

FusionReactor MD5's

Step 1: Download the FusionReactor JAR (8.3.2 - 17th February 2020)

FusionReactor Single JARFR Single JAR


Step 2: Download the Required Debug Libraries

If you're using FR6 Ultimate you are required to download the debug libraries for the production debugger tool. If you're on Standard or Enterprise you can skip this step!

Debug Libraries (Required for Ultimate)Debug Libs

FusionReactor MD5's

2. Get your trial key

Enter your details below and we will send your trial license key to your email.

3. Start monitoring

FusionReactor Single JAR Installation

Performing a manual installation is the quickest way to start monitoring with FusionReactor and takes no longer than five minutes. check out how to do it below:

Manual Installation

More details on the different Installation Methods