Compare On-Premise Edition Features

FusionReactor goes beyond “just monitoring”, to actively minimize server downtime and accelerate time to resolution like no other monitoring tool on the market

Feature Ultimate
$79 month / $790 year
$59 month / $590 year
$39 month / $390 year
Production Debugger – Production Safe debugging and troubleshooting for unparalleled issue identification. Simple to use, with built-in IDE style debugger YES
Event Snapshots – provide deep level insight. Snapshots are triggered automatically and display source code, scope variables, stack trace and logging information at the point the problem occurs YES
Production Java Profiler – Gives incredible insight into which areas of your code need optimizing – so can fine tune your apps and see performance bottlenecks YES
Memory Profiler – Spot memory leaks and pinpoint excessive object creation – See all loaded classes, number of objects allocated by each class and memory used YES
Thread Profiler – See the state of running threads and quickly isolate blocked threads YES
CPU Sampler – Shows Thread State, as well as CPU utilization by individual threads YES
Enterprise Dashboard – complete server health / state overview YES YES
JMX MBean Metrics – support for Java Management Extensions (JMX) MBeans resources running in the JVM YES YES
Logging Capture – enables logging API calls to be captured and rendered by FusionReactor, so you have everything in one place. FR Supports clflog, log4j 2, logback, SLF4J and Apache Commons Logging YES YES
LDAP Intergration – Control access to FusionReactor through your existing X.500, LDAP or Active Directory Implementation. Set an LDAP filter for each role in FusionReactor to secure your application metrics YES YES
AWS CloudWatch integration – enables metrics to be easily transferred directly to your AWS CloudWatch account YES YES
System Monitor – track system resources, such as CPU and memory usage, as well as Network Traffic and Disk I/O YES YES
Enterprise Daily Report – Daily / Weekly / Monthly YES YES
Enterprise Scripting – automatic server restarts YES YES
Crash Protection and Server Survival Strategy YES YES YES
Metric Archive Viewer enables you to view historical metrics and log information captured by FusionReactor YES YES YES
End to End Real User Monitoring & breakdown by server, database, network and client rendering time YES YES YES
Availability Monitor, Alerts & Notifications YES YES YES
Automatic Error/Issue detection & pinpoint YES YES YES
DB/SQL Analysis, exec time, DB time, row count, data throughput, Slow SQL, Hibernate, MongoDB YES YES YES
Transaction Monitoring – extends FR to capture custom metrics YES YES YES
JSON Monitoring captures and displays JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) YES YES YES
Standard Daily Report of your server/instance status YES YES YES
User Accounts – Admin, Manager, Observer YES YES YES
Instances which can be monitored per licensed server Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Log Storage (from captured metrics) Only limited by disk space Only limited by disk space Only limited by disk space