FusionReactor will cut issue isolation time down from days to minutes

The ONLY Java Application Performance Monitoring Solution for Development, Test and Production

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Everything you ever wanted in an APM tool

You will find all the APM features you expect; plus some unique features you didn’t.
FusionReactor is breaking the mold of traditional APM tools and will enable you to keep your production systems online longer and with better results

Java and Coldfusion server monitor: Fusion Reactor Web Metrics


Production Debugger – Unique Insight & Control

FusionReactor’s Production Debugger will REVOLUTIONIZE how DevOPS and Developers understand and identify production issues. It has NEVER been easier and faster to get to the root of problems and

Java and Coldfusion server monitor: Fusion Reactor Web Metrics


Crash Protection – it’s about being RESILIENT

FusionReactor doesn’t just alert you when things go wrong – it can pro-actively keep servers alive until the situation stabilizes by killing or queuing running requests, so your systems don’t overload.
Keep Mean Time To Restore Service (MTTRS) to a minimum Read More

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Track complete End-to-End user performance

Track exactly what your customers are experiencing – from the moment they click until the page has loaded – see time broken down by request, database, network and client rendering, so you can focus efforts in the right areas to improve things

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FR Mobile – for monitoring on the move!

FusionReactor Mobile is a FREE mobile extension to our FusionReactor Enterprise Pro-Active Server Monitor and is available for the Android and Apple devices Read More

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Database Monitoring – SUCCESS is in the details

FusionReactor analyzes and captures all the data related to your SQL statements so you can focus on improving performance and reducing bottlenecks. See right down to which SQL statements were run, number of rows returned, time spent on the query etc.

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Understand What’s Going on at System Level

The System Monitor will keep track of system resources, such as CPU and memory usage, as well as Network Traffic and Disk I/O – it will also alert you when you’ve reached disk space capacity

java and coldfusion server monitor: Fusion Reactor jdbc details

FusionReactor Works with your Framework