FusionReactor Mobile – for monitoring on the move!

As of FusionReactor 8 – FusionReactor Mobile has now been deprecated


FusionReactor server monitor: mobile enterprise dashboard

Enterprise Dashboard

The Enterprise Dashboard is the ideal way to keep track of servers from around your organization. It gives you immediate visual cues to show you the health of your servers and also provides you with running statistics about each server.

System Metrics

The system metrics track real page performance, page return codes, exhausted memory conditions, timeouts and more. This data can be used by developers and system architects to tune and improve the performance and stability of their applications.

FusionReactor server monitor: mobile system metrics on iphone and ipad

FusionReactor server monitor: mobile running requests

Running Requests

Running Requests give you the ability to view and administer running requests on your server. For each request shown; see the time at which it began, the IP address of the machine which created it, the page which was actually requested, the amount of time it has been running and the state of the memory when the request entered the system. Along with this you can also see the current state of the memory profile.

Request History

The Request History page allows you to see a list of completed requests. It can answer questions you may have such as:

  • What was the HTTP return code of the request and the IP address of the caller?
  • What was the request ID and the name of the thread which is servicing the request?
  • What was the URL’s path and parameters passed to the request?
  • How long did it take to complete the request and what time was the request completed?
  • What did the Memory look like when the request started?

FusionReactor server monitor: mobile request history