Troubleshooting with FR, part 4: Post-crash troubleshooting

Webinar Information

Date: 14th March 2019
Duration: 60 mins Minutes
Time: 10am EST
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart
In the previous sessions of this series we have talked about aspect of using FusionReactor which were focused on what it could tell you while problems were happening or starting to happen. But what if your monitored instance or server has crashed/restarted?
FusionReactor tracks up to 1 weeks worth of information in the core metric graphs – if the server crashed or restarts, this information is no longer available (as it’s stored in memory).   But FR still has the information in the logs and it’s still available in the Archive metrics.
In this final session introducing troubleshooting, we will focus on the aspects of FusionReactor which can be used AFTER a crash/restart of your monitored instance. In addition to two features which have long existed in FR (alerts and logs), we will especially focus on two newer features that can dramatically ease the process of post-crash troubleshooting:
– Archived metrics
– Alerts and logs
– FR cloud: alerts and profiles

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