Hidden Gems in FusionReactor

Webinar Information

Date: 05th October 2016
Duration: 70 Minutes
Time: 02:00 PM – 03:00 PM (ET)
Featured Speaker: Charlie Arehart

Are you a long-time (or even a new) user of FusionReactor? Whether you’re on the latest release (6) or an earlier one, there are lots of hidden gems in FusionReactor that can make it so much more useful for you, whether it’s about some useful settings you should consider enabling, or some helpful information it can report. Some people go years of using it and miss some fundamental aspects of FR that give it unique strength.

In this presentation, veteran server troubleshooter Charlie Arehart will take you on a tour of these often-missed corners of FusionReactor. He’s uniquely qualified to give this tour, as he works daily with hundreds of clients per year showing them how to solve problems with FR and/or other tools. He knows what people do often miss, and why these gems are so important to know. And they’re not just in the user interface (where he will show dozens), but also in terms of FR’s tremendous logs (which some never even notice) and its Crash Protection notification alert emails (which many never enable), and especially some of the newer features that long-time users just never notice.

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