[frs-334] Railo Extension for FusionReactor v5


This is a Railo Extension store plugin to simplify deployment of the FusionReactor server monitor.

What does the extension do?

  • Email a trial license to the installer
  • Deploy latest version of FusionReactor (or fall-back to the bundled version for servers with no direct internet access)
  • Automatically update container JVM arguments
  • Offer an uninstall option

Supported Platforms / System Requirements

For the FusionReactor software system requirements, please see https://www.fusion-reactor.com/system-requirements/.

The extension should function in all recent Railo releases but has been most thoroughly tested with Railo final (Endal) using both the Tomcat and Jetty (aka Railo Express) deployments on Windows Server 2012 and CentOS 6.5 64-bit.

Help Videos


Issue Details

Type: DevNet
Issue Number: FRS-334
Components: Installer, Instance Manager
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 13/Mar/14 3:35 PM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 5.0.0
Related Issues:

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