[FRS-323] Upgrading to FusionReactor v5

Important notes when upgrading

FusionReactor v5 has many powerful new features that are only possible due to changes in the way that FusionReactor works and is installed. The FusionReactor team has worked very hard to make the update to FusionReactor v5 as easy and as seamless as possible, but unlike the previous major updates there are some important points to consider to achieve a smooth update experience.

JDBC Datasources are now automatically wrapped

Any datasources wrapped for use with an earlier version of FusionReactor should be unwrapped prior to starting the upgrade process. Datasources are typically most easily unwrapped by re-creating the datasource without adding in the wrapping. Some platforms have additional tooling to simplify the unwrapping process, please see the platform specific notes for details of this.

Accessing FusionReactor

The URL's for accessing FusionReactor are slightly different in FusionReactor 5

FusionReactor's Internal Web Server

You can call FusionReactor directly from a web browser with a URL like this:

You must use the correct IP address and port for the FusionReactor instance you are trying to access.

Your External Web Server

You can often access FusionReactor from your external web server with a URL like this: http://www.company.com/fusionreactor.jsp/findex.htm

Notice that we have the extension .jsp appended directly after /fusionreactor. The external web server maps to the monitored Java server. This is so that the request is passed to FusionReactor which runs inside the Java application engine. Access to FusionReactor from the external web server can be configured on or off. The URL matching is configurable to suit a variety of platforms (eg .cfm for ColdFusion. Please see the product documentation for further details.

Instance Manager

The FusionReactor v5 Instance Manager has undergone a lot of changes to support installing FusionReactor on many more platforms and in many more ways. In previous versions of FusionReactor, the agent was installed into one of the xml configuration files of your J2EE server as a servlet filter. In FusionReactor v5, the agent is now installed as a javaagent and requires additions to the jvm startup arguments. As there are many different ways to start java servers, the Instance manager now offers many possible ways to add the arguments to your jvm startup arguments, but it may require some understanding of how your servers are started. There are also manual installation options available where you can simply add the javaagent argument to the servers jvm startup arguments yourself.

Uninstalling FusionReactor v5

Previously uninstalling FusionReactor would uninstall the FusionReactor instance agents from the monitored servers. Due to the changes in the way that FusionReactor is installed (as a javaagent), we are no longer able to uninstall the FusionReactor instances automatically. Instead, the uninstall process will take you to the Instance Manager where you are required to uninstall the instances before completing the uninstall process.


We have replaced the binary license file with a simple license key string. The license key is now entered on the About page instead of uploading the binary license file. Most updates will automatically detect any current license binary file and replace the license with the new license key. You may however be required to enter your license key in some circumstances and it is advisable to have your license key available during the update process. You should have received your license keys in an email if you are eligible to update for free, but if not please simply contact sales@fusion-reactor.com. FusionReactor also now offers a self-service portal for licensing so that you are able to see how all of your licenses are deployed. You can log into the portal using https://portal.fusion-reactor.com


FusionReactor will no longer automatically give you a trial period after installation. In FusionReactor v5 you require a trial license key to activate a software trial.

Additional platform specific notes


Please see the following dedicated article: Upgrading to FusionReactor 5 for ColdFusion Users

Release Notes

The v5 release notes are available in the following technote: FusionReactor 5.0.x Release Notes

Performance Considerations

Please see the following dedicated article: Performance considerations for FusionReactor v5

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