[FNS-39] FusionAnalytics on a client with BitDefender Anti-Virus



Sometimes the FusionAnalytics client (either AIR or web) will get stuck after login showing a “Connecting…” message. Checking the FusionAnalytics server \FusionAnalytics\Server\logs\fusionanalytics-dataservices.log file does not show any errors but instead shows a success message:

2014-03-14T11:25:21.540+0000 [http-8400-1] INFO  [com.intergral.fads.impl.blaze.BlazeControllerImpl] admin has logged in successfully


So far, workstations where this has been seen have all been running the BitDefender AV software.
Disabling BitDefender AV, firewall, etc through the UI has no effect.

Uninstalling the BitDefender software is the only way to workaround the problem.

Note: It is also possible to run the client software within a VM on a host running the BitDefender software.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FNS-39
Components: Data Services
Resolution: Fixed
Added: 26/03/2014 16:55:37
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 2.0.0
Related Issues: None

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