[FNS-40] Migrating FusionAnalytics to a new server


The following document describes the step required to migrate a FusionAnalytics Server to a new computer.


To copy the FusionAnalytics database to another database server you need to backup the database and then restore it on the new computer. On the new database server you must ensure that the login and password used by FusionAnalytics are available. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314546 for more information.

After having restored the database make sure that the owner of the restored database is correct.

FusionAnalytics Applications

To copy your existing applications to the new computer follow the steps below:

  • Execute the latest FusionAnalytics Setup to install FusionAnalytics on the new computer. Deselect the Analytics for FusionReactor component in the Setup – instead of creating new applications you will manually copy over your existing applications. See the installation guide for additional information.
    Make sure you use the same directory as on the other computer.
  • When there are no more pending imports stop the old FusionAnalytics server (using the Windows service control panel). It can remain stopped now.
  • Stop the new FusionAnalytics server.
  • Copy the old fads application directories from the old to the new FusionAnalytics server
    - C:\FusionAnalytics\Server\webapps\fads\WEB-INF\classes\Applications
    - C:\FusionAnalytics\Server\webapps\fads\WEB-INF\classes\AppStorage
    - C:\FusionAnalytics\Server\webapps\fads\WEB-INF\classes\UCS_ConfigurationStore
  • Start the new FusionAnalytics server

This completes the procedure. You now have migrated your database and FusionAnalytics applications to your new FusionAnalytics server.

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