[frs-112] I have licensed installs on my web servers and the log files are filled with WARNING entries. Has something been installed incorrectly?

If you are seeing the following message:

WARNING Instance license has expired

then problem is that the server is trying to get enterprise metric data. The message is harmless and it will fix it in the next release so that it won't occur in future reference.

To get rid of this message you need to make a change in the configuration file of your FusionReactor instance. To do this, do the following;

  1. Open the file C:FusionReactorinstance<instance name>confreactor.conf
  2. Search for the line: remoting.server.0.online=true
  3. Change this line to remoting.server.0.online=false
  4. Restart your server.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-112
Components: FusionReactor Settings
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 21/Jun/07 10:54 AM
Affects Version: 2.0
Fixed Version: 2.0
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