[frs-118] The FusionReactor built in web server is hanging. Is there a way to config IIS to access FR as a virtual directory, or to restart the built in web server without restarting CF?

You can't configure IIS to access FusionReactor as a virtual directory but you should always be able to access FusionReactor using the following URL:

(Assuming you are on the local machine and that internal web server hasn't been disabled from within the FusionReactor Settings page.)

No problems have been encountered as such with the internal web server hanging, but if you run out of memory then this could occur. If it has indeed hung then I'm afraid that the only way to restart it will be be restarting ColdFusion.

Check that you are accessing the internal webserver directly and that it is enabled in your configuration.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-118
Components: FusionReactor Settings
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Last Updated: 25/Jun/07 12:39 PM
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