[frs-120] How can I view fusion reactor from the web – i.e. not from within my server?

You can gain access to FusionReactor from a remote location in one of 2 ways;

  1. http://<machinename>/fusionreactor/fhtml.cfm?mode=main
    This is like just accessing a normal web page on the server. Please note that you have to have the Access To FusionReactor From The External Web Server enabled on the FusionReactor Settings page for this to work. Please take a look at the FusionReactor Settings –> Access To FusionReactor From The External Web Server setting information in the help system for further details:

  2. http://<machinename>:8088/fusionreactor/fhtml.cfm?mode=main
    This will only work if you have opened port 8088 on your firewall. You must speak to your IT department if this is not working so that they can tell you if it is permitted.

FusionReactor can be accessed from either port 8088 (our own internal web server) or via your web server on port 80. Your web server must however be accessible on the Internet if you wish to access this remotely (i.e. from outside your firewall).

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