[frs-121] I’m looking for detailed information on the compression settings of FusionReactor. Is this an interface for IIS 6 compression or does it compress the files using your own technology?

FusionReactor uses the 'gzip' compression algorithm, which incidentally is that also used by IIS, but we use a different implementation to IIS, in order to better control when and how it's used. So IIS-specific features are not used.

FusionReactor detects whether the browser supports compression by reading the 'accepts' HTTP header. Browsers which do not support compression simply don't supply the required value in this header, and FusionReactor doesn't compress the stream for these browsers.

Although there is a very small theoretical additional CPU load due to compression, during performance trials we were not able to detect any measurable impact.

Finally, compression can be configured based on MIME type, URL pattern or simply turned off completely.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-121
Components: Compression
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 01/Aug/07 2:38 PM
Affects Version: 2.0
Fixed Version: 2.0
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