[frs-129] I need to manually run the installation for FR 2.0 on Solaris SPARC because I don’t have access to X, but the only options on the download page are for Windows and Linux. Is there a manual install zip available for Solaris?

This generic package can be downloaded from https://www.fusion-reactor.com/fr/confirmdownload.cfm?file=FusionReactor_unix_2_0_4.tgz

It contains both, the Linux and the SPARC version of the native library. The files from the manual installation are identical with the ones from the automatic installer.

When installing make sure that no old version of fusionreactor.jar is referenced in you classpath.

You can upgrade your 1.0.7 installation by replacing the JAR and the native library. FusionReactor 2 can update your existing reactor.conf file, but you need to manually add one property to it to make the Instance Manager (which is initially empty) work:


Please adjust the path above to suite your installation.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-129
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 23/Aug/07 12:46 PM
Affects Version: 2.0
Fixed Version: 2.0
Platform: Solaris
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