[frs-132] My ColdFusion server is hung on a request. I’ve maxed out on simultaneous requests, and other requests are queuing. Will I still be able to view things in FR? I notice the pages are CFMs themselves, can FR be ran separately from CF in this sense.

Although FusionReactor appears to be written as CFM, it's actually not. FusionReactor is a servlet filter and runs inside the same container as ColdFusion but has it's own Web Server running on port 8088 (configurable) that you can still access even when the maximum simultaneous requests has been reached.

FusionReactor creates log files of all of the activity on your ColdFusion server. It logs requests when they start and when they finish. If the server crashes then you can examine the end of the log file to see which requests where started but not finished. In this way you can see in order (logged) which requests caused the problem.

If you configure FusionReactor's Crash Protection feature to notify you when the number of requests exceeds a certain limit, FusionReactor will email you and log to the ColdFusion logs an alert message that contains the list of all running requests, when they started and a complete Java Stack Trace of what all of the requests are doing. This means that as soon as the server gets into trouble, FusionReactor will track what is going on, so that you can analyze the problem with in depth data afterwards.

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