[frs-135] How do I know how much memory FusionReactor is taking, and does it run in Jrun or in a separate process?

FusionReactor runs as a web filter within JRun, not as a separate process. If you look in the web.xml file for your server then you will be able to see the filter definition for FusionReactor. If you are not sure where this file is located then please let us know what sort of server you have installed FusionReactor on and which version of FusionReactor you are using and we will let you know where this file can be located.

There is no mechanism built in for showing how much memory FusionReactor is using. The only thing I could suggest right now would be to temporarily remove the FusionReactor filter from the web.xml file (mentioned above) and check the memory, then replace it and check again. Please be aware that the maximum amount of memory used by FusionReactor is directly related to various configuration items such as the size of the request history or the size of the memory sampling history (used for the CPU and memory graphs).

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