[frs-15] Will FusionReactor Enterprise monitor and control Enterprise (EAR) and Web (WAR) applications other than CFMX running under JRun4 and/or other J2EE web application servers? If so, which FR features are independent of CF and so will operate in this mode?

FusionReactor will allow you to monitor other J2EE web application servers; no part of FusionReactor is ColdFusion or JRun dependent.
Please note that in some cases you must explode (unpack) the EAR/WAR file to add FusionReactor to the web descriptor. If the container supports a global descriptor it may be possible to use this also. Currently the Enterprise Edition instance manager supports installing into Tomcat, JBoss, Flex Data Services (on JRun), JRun and CF (on JRun). You can however manually install into other containers. We have customers that have installed FusionReactor into WebSphere, WebLogic and other J2EE containers.
Please note that while we will try to support you on your chosen J2EE container we currently do not officially support "ALL" J2EE containers simply due to the huge number of containers and platforms (officially supported platforms). FusionReactor 2.0 CPU monitoring on non Windows platforms is currently supported only on Sun Solaris SPARC and Red Hat Enterprise Server 4 for ColdFusion MX 6 and 7 as well as JRun4 servers. Other combinations may work but have not been verified yet.

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