[frs-249] FusionReactor Extensions for ColdFusion (FREC) Platform Availability

What is FREC?

FREC – FusionReactor Extensions for ColdFusion – is a package which extends FusionReactor by contributing metrics specific to Adobe's ColdFusion application platform. FREC periodically samples ColdFusion to obtain data on the size and quantity of internal caches and queues, such as statistics on ColdFusion's database pooling, individual page hitcounts and realtime statistics.

This data is logged and can be subsequently transferred directly to FusionAnalytics using FusionReactor 4's FusionAnalytics Connector system.

FREC consists of two parts:

  • A plugin which extends FusionReactor. This is visible in Plugins -> All Bundles/Active Plugins as FusionReactor ColdFusion Plugin.
  • An extension to the ColdFusion runtime environment, which is installed using the FusionReactor ColdFusion Extensions setup package.

Supported Platforms

FREC is supported on the following platforms:

  • Macromedia ColdFusionMX 7
  • Adobe ColdFusion 8
  • Adobe ColdFusion 9

In these cases, the FREC Instance Installer (used to install the extensions into individual instances) will recognize and allow install, update and removal of the FREC ColdFusion Extensions.

When FusionReactor starts, the bundle containing the FusionReactor plugin, FusionReactor ColdFusion Plugin will be visible both in Plugins -> All Bundles and Plugins -> Active Plugins, and will be listed as both an "OSGi Bundle" and an "FR Plugin".

ColdFusionMX 6

Macromedia ColdFusionMX 6 is not supported, due to issues with communication between the two parts of FREC caused by the way the JRun environment pools Java jar archives.

The FREC Instance Installer will not detect ColdFusionMX 6 installations.

In this case, the FusionReactor plugin FusionReactor ColdFusion Plugin will remain dormant and unused, and will only be listed in Plugins -> All Bundles as an "OSGi Bundle", consuming no resources.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-249
Components: Plugins + OSGi
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 09/Jun/11 11:05 AM
Affects Version: 4.0.0
Fixed Version: 4.0.0
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