[frs-262] How to get the Instance Manager to detect JRun server instances located in a custom server folder

This Technote will describe how to get FRAM's Instance Manager to detect JRun server instances that are not located in the default JRun/servers} directory, but in a custom directory.
The following example will assume you are on Microsoft Windows and use the directory C:/JRunServers as the directory in which additional server instances are installed.


  • Open the catalina.bat (catalina.sh for Unix) with a text editor such as NotePad++. This file is located in the folder tomcatbin within the FusionReactor installation directory (Default C:/FusionReactor).
  • Add the following to the line set JAVA_OPTS (line 211): -Dfusionreactor.jrun.servers=C:JRunServers
    For example:

    set JAVA_OPTS=-Djava.library.path=C:FusionReactor/etc/lib -Dfusionreactor.jrun.servers=C:JRunServers %JAVA_OPTS%

  • Restart FRAM.

In the Instance Manager, run the Server Scan again by clicking the button 'Scan System'. Any server instances located in C:/JRunServers should now be detected and listed in the instance table.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-262
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 17/Aug/11 12:40 PM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 4.0.0
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