[FRS-265] Windows Firewall blocking connections to FRAM

FusionReactor Setup

If Windows Firewall is enabled when installing FusionReactor 4.x the following warning message (or similar) is sometimes displayed when clicking 'Next' on the "FusionReactor Administration Manager (FRAM)" or "Configure Ports", screens in the Setup.

Windows Firewall Warning message

This is due to the FusionReactor installer testing if the selected ports (8087 and 8004 by default) are already in use, by attempting to bind to them. Windows Firewall will pick this up, and the above poup will be displayed. However, as this is only for the setup (for example FusionReactor_Windows_4_0_0.exe), it will not affect the FusionReactor Administration Manager, but only the Setup. Click 'Unblock' to allow the Setup to continue.

FusionRector Administration Manager (FRAM)

If Windows Firewall is enabled on the machine, this can cause issues for FRAM, when machines other than localhost attempts to access FRAM. Therefore in most cases an exception will need to be added in Windows Firewall, for whatever port FRAM is on (8087 by default).

The following procedure is for opening port 8087 for public access on Windows XP:

  • Open Windows Firewall (Control Panel -> Windows Firewall on Windows XP) and click the tab 'Exceptions'
  • Click the button 'Add Port'
  • Enter "FRAM" in the 'Name' field and the port FRAM is running on (8087 by default) in the 'Port' field.
  • Click the button 'Change scope' and select the appropriate access level.
    • Private – to allow machines only on the same network as FRAM are allowed to connect.
    • Public – to allow any machine to connect.

Windows Firewall: Add Port Exception

By following the guide above, Windows Firewall should now have been correctly configured to allow connections to the FusionReactor Administration Manager.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-265
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: Today 1:16 PM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 4.0.0
Platform: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows x64, Windows 7, Windows 2008
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