[frs-381] January 2016 – Updates to On-Premise Licensing Infrastructure

IP Addresses for On-Premise Licensing Are Changing

We have deployed changes to FusionReactor’s licensing system and will be turning off the old deployment in the next few days.

The fully-qualified DNS name of the license service,data.intergraldata.com has not changed, but the addresses to which it points have.

  • If you allow all outbound connections from your servers, you need do nothing – the change is propagating within DNS now and your FusionReactor instances will automatically use the new addresses.
  • If you manually activate your licenses within FusionReactor, you need do nothing. You will still continue to use the Portal to issue manual activations as before.
  • If you are behind a restrictive firewall, and need to authorize outgoing addresses on a case-by case basis, the following two addresses (on ports 80 and 443) need to be authorized: and

If you have any questions on the change, let us know at support@fusion-reactor.com.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-381
Components: License + Activation
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 26/Jan/16 10:51 AM
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 6.0.0
Related Issues:

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