[frs-382] Application server fails to start after FusionReactor is installed due to -agentpath JVM argument

When you attempt to install a FusionReactor instance using a 64-bit version of FRAM onto an application server using a 32-bit JVM, you may be unable to start the application server after the installation.

This is due to FRAM assuming that the application server uses 64-bit JVM and adding the -agentpath for the FusionReactor Debug libraries into the applications server JVM Arguments. The libraries are only available for 64-bit JVM's and Java will not start a with a JVM that has a problem due to an -agentpath library.

To be able to start your server again you must edit the JVM arguments of your application server and remove the following line ( Dependant upon your operating system ).



If you wish to use FusionReactor Debug then you must upgrade the application server to a 64-bit JVM and add the agentpath back into your JVM arguments.

See the following documentation for more details on FusionReactor Debug installation

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-382
Components: FRAM
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 08/Feb/16 12:53 PM
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