[frs-389] Manually uninstalling FusionReactor

Manually uninstalling FusionReactor from your application server is as simple as it is manually installing, but the process is reversed.

Typically uninstalling FusionReactor is a matter of removing 1 or 2 arguments from your JVM startup arguments. The procedure in general is:

  • Stop your application server
  • Remove the -agentpath:<…fusionreactor native library…> if present from your JVM startup arguments
  • Remove the -javaagent:<…fusionreactor.jar> if present from your JVM startup arguments
  • Start your application server.

If you are experiencing startup issues such as your server won't start after installing FusionReactor, they may be due to the -agentpath:<…fusionreactor native library…>. This argument refers to a native library that must exist and must match your Operating System, installed libraries and the 32/64bit nature of the JVM you are using. Removing only the -agentpath and restarting the server will typically allow you to still use FusionReactor, just without the Production debugger capability. The -agentpath argument is not essential for the normal operation of FusionReactor.

Provided below is an overview of how to remove FusionReactor from a number of common application servers:

Server Configuration method How to remove
Tomcat 7
Tomcat 8
Tomcat 9
Linux: setenv.sh configuration file
Windows: Tomcat*w.exe GUI Tool

where * is your tomcat version number
Tomcat FusionReactor Removal
ColdFusion 9
ColdFusion 10
ColdFusion 11
ColdFusion 2016
jvm.config configuration file ColdFusion FusionReactor Removal
ColdFusion 9 Solr Linux: solr.lax configuration file
Windows: cfsolr configuration file
ColdFusion 9 Solr FusionReactor Removal
ColdFusion 10 Solr
ColdFusion 11 Solr
Linux: jetty.lax configuration file
Windows: cfjetty configuration file
ColdFusion 10 Solr & 11 Solr FusionReactor Removal
ColdFusion 9 Multi individual jvm.config configuration files ColdFusion 9 Multi FusionReactor Removal
Glassfish 4 domain.xml configuration file Glassfish 4 FusionReactor Removal
Railo 3 Linux: setenv.sh configuration file
Windows: Railow.exe GUI Tool
Railo 3 FusionReactor Removal
Railo 4 Linux: start configuration file
Windows: Railow.exe GUI Tool
Railo 4 FusionReactor Removal
JBoss 7 Standalone
Wildfly 8
Wildfly 9
Wildfly 10
standalone.conf configuration file JBoss 7 & Wildfly FusionReactor Removal
Jetty 7
Jetty 8
Jetty 9
start.ini configuration file Jetty FusionReactor Removal
Lucee 4
Lucee 5
Linux: setenv.sh configuration file
Windows: Luceew.exe GUI Tool
Lucee FusionReactor Removal
FusionAnalytics FusionAnalytics Server.vmoptions configuration file FusionAnalytics FusionReactor Removal

For a more complete and detailed description with more information on how to remove FusionReactor from your application servers, visit the Manual Uninstallation documentation.

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