[frs-398] High CPU usage after an upgrade to FusionReactor to 6.2.0 or 6.2.1 when sending data to FusionAnalytics


This technote is focused on specific issues with version FusionReactor 6.2.0 and 6.2.1 when using it with FusionAnalytics. If you are using FusionAnalytics, then you should install FusionReactor 6.2.2 or higher once it is available.

High CPU usage or loss of data in FusionAnalytics

Users of FusionAnalytics should not use FusionReactor to 6.2.0 or 6.2.1 because you could encounter an issue with high CPU usage and issues of sending data to FusionAnalytics.

With regards to the issue
The problem occurs when a FusionAnalytics Connector is enabled with a FusionAnalytics target. This has occurred due to an update of our HTTP connection library which is trying to be more resilient but can result in data being resend causing performance issues or loss of data.

In order to identify if you have a FusionAnalytics Connector enabled and you are using a URL to a FusionAnalytics Collector (from past use of FusionAnalytics), then you can access your reactor.conf and check for the following lines:

  • fac.processor.enable=true; This line displays that you have enabled a FusionAnalytics Connector.
  • target.0=http://:XXXXXXXXXXX@localhost:8400/fadc/import/ColdFusion/faDataCollector-1; This line displays that a URL is set to connect to a FusionAnalytics Collector.

The reactor.conf file can be found here: FusionReactor Directory /instance/ instance name /conf/reactor.conf

Please note that the values of the second reactor.conf settings are going to be different based on your configuration with FusionAnalytics.


If you no longer use FusionAnalytics, then it's advisable to remove these two lines from the reactor.conf file and if possible, disable the FusionAnalytics Connector Mode.

The FusionAnalytics Connector Mode can be found here:

  1. Access FusionReactor.
  2. Navigate to Analytics > FusionAnalytics Settings.
  3. Set the FusionAnalytics Connect Mode field to "Disabled"
  4. Save your Changes.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-398
Components: FusionAnalytics Connector
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 10/Aug/16 4:55 PM
Affects Version: 6.2.1
Fixed Version: 6.2.2
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