[FRS-405] Manual License Reactivation


The technote is going to provide users with more information about the most common cases where a manual license reactivation is needed. The technote is divided in two sections and each section describe a common example where the manual license reactivation process is necessary.

Maintenance Update/Renew

One of the most common case where a manual license reactivation is needed is during the Maintenance update/renew of a license key. With the manual license activation, the FusionReactor instances don't have contact with the FusionReactor Portal. For that reason, the information about the license key cannot be updated even if you have renewed the maintenance for a specific license key. As a result, you are going to receive similar messages in the FusionReactor interface; "The Maintenance has expired", "The Maintenance is going to expire in X days", "This server is not licensed", "The license is inactive" etc.
In order to avoid similar error messages, a manual license reactivation is necessary.

Update FusionReactor from 5.x to 6.x version

Another common example where you might face licensing issues, is during an update process of FusionReactor from version 5.x to version 6.x.
As described in the section above, you will identify similar error messages in the FusionReactor interface.
In order to avoid these error messages, a manual license reactivation is necessary.

Please note that a manual license reactivation is not necessary when you update FusionReactor from a 6.x version to a newest 6.x version. The same applies when you update FusionReactor from a 5.x version to a newest 5.x version.

More information about the manual license activation process can be found in the following link, https://intergral.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=41059191.

If for any reason you have issues activating a valid license key, please feel free to contact the FusionReactor Support Team on support@fusion-reactor.com

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