[FRS-418] FusionReactor Cloud Firewall DNS and Static IP address rules (Fusion Reactor 5.0.x – 7.4.x)


This article applies to FusionReactor Cloud users. Some users run FusionReactor behind restricted firewalls which do not allow all outbound connections. In this case, these users may need to add specific firewall rules to allow FusionReactor to communicate with FusionReactor Cloud.

Note that as of November 2018, the static IP rules that allow FusionReactor 7 to connect to the FusionReactor cloud have been deprecated. If you wish to configure DNS rules or static IP addresses for a cloud license, you must upgrade to FusionReactor 8.

 To configure FusionReactor versions 8 and above FusionReactor 8 – https://www.fusion-reactor.com/support/kb/frs-454/

Issue Details

Type Technote
Issue Number FRS-418
Components Cloud
Resolution Fixed
Last Updated 2019-12-05T14:09:40.859+0000
Fix Version(s) 6.2.7, 7.0.0

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