[FRS-449] Defect in FusionReactor causing copies of the FusionReactor log files to be persisted in Windows

Details about the issue

In FusionReactor 7.2.1, we introduced the new Archive Viewer.  In order to support this functionality, we made some enhancements to how log archives were generated and handled in FusionReactor. 

During these enhancements, a defect was introduced which caused FusionReactor to fail to remove temporary zip files from the scheduler directory.

This defect is present in all versions listed below:

  • 7.2.1
  • 7.2.2
  • 7.2.3
  • 7.2.4
  • 7.3.0

This directory is used as a working directory by the log rotator as it assembles log files for archiving and builds a zipfile containing them. The FusionAnalytics Connector uses these files if it has been configured to ship logs to FusionAnalytics. 

Once the file has been assembled, sent to the Log Archive and (optionally) transferred to FusionAnalytics, it is removed.  The defect introduced in 7.2.1 causes this delete to fail silently on Windows platforms.  Unix platforms are unaffected. FusionReactor prior to 7.2.1 is also unaffected.

Users affected by this issue can inspect their scheduler directory and will note multiple zip files – one per rotation, similar to the figure below.

Workaround and Mitigation

There is no workaround for the issue.  Any stale zipfiles within the scheduler folder can be safely deleted.  The folder itself must not be removed.

To do this you can simply navigate to{{ FusionReactor/instance/{Instance Name}/scheduler}} and remove all the zip files within the directory.

Upgrading FusionReactor to resolve this defect

This issue has been resolved in FusionReactor 7.3.1 and  higher.

Upgrading to revision 7.3.1 will ensure no further zipfiles are left in this directory.  Any existing zipfiles must be removed by hand.

Users experiencing this issue should upgrade as soon as practical. FusionReactor will continue to function in the meantime. 

You can upgrade by following the links below:

Using the automated installer on windows: https://intergral.atlassian.net/wiki/display/FR73/Updating+FusionReactor+on+Windows

Or for a manual installation use: https://intergral.atlassian.net/wiki/display/FR73/Manual+update+FusionReactor+from+6.1.x+version+to+7.0.x+on+Windows


Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-449
Components: Logging
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: Today 10:25 AM
Affects Version: 7.2.1
Fixed Version: None
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