[frs-51] How do I install a FusionReactor hotfix?

  1. Locate the original fusionreactor.jar. This will probably be installed in:

  2. Stop ColdFusion services.

  3. Copy the file above file to the desktop (in case of problems, this file can be restored).

  4. Copy the attached file into the SERVER-INF/lib folder above, overwriting the original.

  5. Copy the attached file into the folder /FusionReactor/etc/lib, overwriting the copy that is already there.

  6. Restart ColdFusion services.

  7. In case of problems, stop CF, copy the saved file back to the SERVER-INF/lib + /FusionReactor/etc/lib folder and restart

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-51
Components: Installer
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Last Updated: 20/Jun/07 5:07 PM
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