[frs-53] Can the request log be set to show URL variables when working with Fusebox apps?

The request log does show variables in the URL. Your request log should look something like this (the URL parameters are highlighted in bold):

Starting: 2007-03-16 16:48:54.412 1174060134412 11 jrpp-5 GET 0 2 518464 14511 24208 9696 *fuseaction=store.main&appreload=true&fusebox.load=true&fusebox.password= 200 0*
Finished: 2007-03-16 16:49:01.099 1174060134412 11 jrpp-5 GET 6687 3 518464 16906 24208 7301 *fuseaction=store.main&appreload=true&fusebox.load=true&fusebox.password= 200 0*

For more information on the request log and the content of the logs files, see the help system.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-53
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 23/Aug/07 12:17 PM
Affects Version: 2.0
Fixed Version: 2.0
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