[frs-57] I have started to experience a higher number of Coldfusion timeouts than usual, and the notifications do not contain enough detail for me to see what is going on when the slow request is a POST request, can these be sent by email?

There's no way to get the POST details into an email since they don't get stored, because they're not strictly necessary.

However try turning on the Request Content Capture (FusionReactor Administrator -> Request Settings). This will dump out the headers and bodies for all requests processed while it was active, making it possible to then match long-running request to the appropriate files, and see what the request body was (should be the POST data), as well as the headers.

CAUTION: While enabled, Request Capture indiscriminately dumps all data to the folder specified in the 'Capture Path' folder. There are four files created per transaction (header and body files for request and response). On production machines, thousands of files can easily generate very quickly. It is strongly recommend not to leave this feature enabled any longer than necessary.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-57
Components: CPU + Memory, Request Managment
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Last Updated: 20/Jun/07 5:37 PM
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