[frs-68] Is it possible to monitor ODBC connections as well as JDBC connections in FusionReactor?

Yes, it is possible to monitor ODBC connections, as they're treated exactly the same as JDBC connections by ColdFusion.

Example: jdbc:sequelink:odbcsocket://localhost:19996;serverDatasource=testodbc

You need to 'wrap' this. This can be done by creating another datasource of type "other". Rename or remove your original datasource and call the new one the same name as the old and your application will work without any change. The final JDBC URL for our wrapped example datasource looks like:


The Driver Class and Name should be entered as "com.intergral.fusionreactor.jdbc.Wrapper"

Once 'wrapped' you will then see JDBC information appearing within FusionReactor. (Click on the "Request Details" icon next to a request and click the JDBC tab to see any requests which have been made over this datasource.)

If you require more detailed information on this subject then the following documents are available from the following links:
JDBC Driver Wrapper: User Guide
JDBC Tutorial

It is also possible to monitor the following types of database:
MS SQL Server

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