[frs-90] Does FusionReactor use the same rules as ColdFusion when aborting processes that exceed a certain crash protection timeout?

Does Fusion Reactor follow the rules outlined in this article about certain ColdFusion tags or does it just abort all processes that exceed a certain crash protection timeout unless it's listed as a restriction? http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/knowledgebase/index.cfm?id=tn_19438

FusionReactor's Crash Protection timeout does not follow the behaviour of ColdFusion's request timeout with those tags but does kill all requests that are not listed as restrictions.

You may be interested to know more about FRAPI (The FusionReactor API). This gives users more control over FusionReactor timeouts for your CF pages.

FRAPI has a method called setPageTimeout:

public abstract void setPageTimeout(int seconds)

Reset the timeout value for this page. If Timeout Protection is not
active within FusionReactor, calls to this method have no effect. If
Timeout Protection is active, the value passed to this method
overrides the value configured in FusionReactor.

If FusionReactor is not running, this method does nothing.

seconds – the timeout in second after which this page will be

The idea is to call setPageTimeout(veryLargeNumber) in your CF pages that you want to run for a longer time – something like this:

  <cfset frapiClass = createObject("java", "com.intergral.fusionreactor.api.FRAPI")>
  <cfset frapi = frapiClass.getInstance()>
  <cfset frapi.setPageTimeout( 1000000 )>

     FR isn't there?

*By wrapping the call in the try/catch block, any dependencies to FusionReactor being available, are removed

To learn more about FRAPI from the online JavaDocs

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